Hypnotherapy can produce remarkable results when used to change the habits of a lifetime. Most know  it is used to help quit smoking. Did you know that research shows hypnotherapy can also get great results for :

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Stress
  • Habits such as smoking and alcohol use

Hypnosis for Smoking

Hypnosis can result in:

  • A cigarette never tasting quite the same again
  • Your impulse to smoke reducing to where it can be ignored
  • Thinking styles that contribute to the need to smoke being a thing of the past

Hypnotism is a safe, scientifically proven and drug free method of giving up smoking. Contact Briony to start your journey towards a smoke free future.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

In conjunction with other therapy, hypnosis can result in:

  • A panic attack being a distant memory
  • Greater physical and emotional control
  • Less self-consciousness
  • The ability to relax and achieve a more stable frame of mind

Stage hypnotism has given hypnotherapy the reputation of being a somewhat mystical and magical medium. This has resulted in some people being worried about being “out of control” and under the “spell” of a hypnotist. I guarantee it just won’t happen! Contact Briony to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is simply being in a deeply relaxed and focussed state. On one level your are aware the whole time where you are and what you are doing.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful experience because it takes you on a journey of what your change will be like, of new possibilities for the future…or “believed in imagination”. You can then take the memory of this experience from an hypnosis session and feel confident that you can re-create that experience in the world outside the counselling room. This helps you change your behaviour.

Good hypnotherapy utilises the latest and proven scientific theories in behavioural change. It uses the power of suggestion to powerfully alter experience.

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