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SMART ways to approach New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! That time rolls around again to make this year’s New Year resolution/s.

University of Scranton research shows that only 8% of Americans keep their New Year resolutions.

Australian research shows that Tasmanians keep their resolutions more than people from the mainland States, and that sharing one’s resolutions on social media results in higher success rates.

Is there anything that is not researched? I never cease to be amazed by this! My next blog may be dedicated to things that have not been researched! Or maybe not as I suspect it will not be all that riveting…a blank page I envision!

As I get older I learn the advantage of:

  1. Not making resolutions at all (not even think about weight loss)
  2. Making extremely modest goals (not put any weight on!)

This avoids disappointment. However, there is a downside. (There always is one unfortunately!) My GP can attest to the fact that my health would be much improved were I to aim higher!

So if you want to join the majority of Australians and make a New Year’s resolution how does one meet the challenge of successfully keeping one’s resolutions?

Setting SMART goals is one way. What is a SMART goal you say?

Well, rather than saying “I am going to lose some weight from today until whenever” you set goals that met the following criteria:

Specific- clearly defined as opposed to loosely defined

Measurable: rather than less weight or alcohol 5 kg or 2 standard drinks

Achievable: 5kg rather than 30 kg

Realistic: possible within the time set and given the resources

Timeline: within 6 weeks or 1 kg per week

The setting of SMART goals is designed to prevent the very human tendency to cheat or crib. One is less able to play tricks with one’s mind. All those tiny little bits of stale biscuits I found on the bench and a mouthful here and a mouthful there do count!

This also works very well for folk who are modifying their alcohol use and gambling habits like so:

  • When I go to the pub I will only have 2 standard drinks over three hours. I will drink white wine as opposed to the very more-ish champagne.
  • I will only put $5.00 though the poker machine and won’t play when my friend Fred will be there as he always urges me to keep playing. I will only spend 2 hours at the pub.

Anyway have a great New Year and if you want to set SMART goals for the New Year here is an aid to that.

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