Hypnosis/hypnotherapy for quitting smoking

not mystical and magical but scientific!

The content of the hypnotic scripts that I use when working with people who wish to give up smoking is a combination of the world’s best practice, evidence-based approaches for dependence/ addictive behaviours.

I have been an Honorary Lecturer in Addiction Studies at Flinders University when I was employed as a Senior Education Officer at the National Centre for Education and Training on Addictions so this is one of my specialty areas.
I use a combination of:
• Psycho-education
•cognitive behavioural therapy (including looking at triggers)
•motivational interviewing
• relapse prevention strategies

Hypnosis is a useful way to deliver some of the above, the research supports success rates for using hypnosis or hypnotherapy/or hypnosis to give up cigarette smoking.
While some people have found one session is sufficient, some people require more than one session. The factors that determine success include how long one has smoked; how motivated one is to give up; the level of dependence at the time of hypnosis and the supportive or protective factors, such as a nonsmoking encouraging partner or a group of friends or colleagues where there is a low levels of smoking behaviour.

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