What training and qualifications does Briony have?

Briony has over 30 years experience as a therapist and has the following qualifications and training:

  • Bachelor of Arts (major Psychology), Flinders University of SA
  • Bachelor Social Administration (Social Work), Flinders University of SA
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (focussing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), University of SA
  • Relationships and Couples Therapy (https://www.gottman.com). Gottman Method Couples Therapy is the world’s only evidence-based couple counselling training.
  • Hypnosis training with world renowned hypnotherapist Dr Michael Yapko.
  • Family Therapy training at Bower Place.
  • Narrative Therapy at the Dulwich Centre.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training with Dr Robyn Walser.
  • Sex Therapy Training with Sandra Pertot. See Sandra’s latest articles here.
  • Grief training with David Kessler.

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