What happens during a Sex Therapy session?

Is Sex Therapy all that scary?

Sex therapy is “all talk, no action”. Everybody will keep their clothes on and there will be no touching. You can attend as a couple or as an individual. The first session is 90 minutes, and follow-up sessions may be the same length or shorter, depending on the need.

It is sometimes important to understand how other aspects of your life together may be affecting intimacy with your partner. With your permission I will discuss your sexual history with you to determine what each of you finds useful, and examine what each partner’s expectations are of the other person to create mood and pleasure.

Some level of sexual education may be included, and this may involve demonstration using textbook diagrams or body part puppets. You may be assigned practical homework to complete at home when the time is right for you. You will come away with a clear plan to move forward in your sexual relationship/s. Find out more about Sex Therapy and Briony’s qualifications as a sex therapist here.

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