Is Remote or Online Therapy Available?

Telehealth – Online Therapy

Couple in remote therapy

Briony Barton can provide remote, online therapy using Zoom. Zoom is so easy that all you need is your internet browser! Help make your session more successful by:

  • Ensuring you are in a quiet, well lit and comfortable location.
  • Making sure you will not be disturbed by family, friends or co-workers during your session.
  • Ensuring your internet speed and reliability are adequate. Sometimes using a phone’s 4G connection is better than a home internet connection; and
  • Positioning your laptop or phone so that you can comfortably see Briony.

Remote therapy can require a little more attention than a face to face meeting:

  • Getting eye contact can be more difficult. Positioning the camera to face you is key; and
  • It’s more difficult for both parties to detect changes in body language.

Contact Briony to arrange an appointment for online therapy.


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