Briony’s Radio Adelaide Interview

Catch your partner doing something right! Briony introduces Gottman Method Couples Therapy on Radio Adelaide's Mind Chatters segment with Nicki O'Brien.

Most couples find it easy to point the finger when they think their partner is doing something wrong, but it’s just as important to tell your partner what you like about what they do. During couples therapy Briony focuses on both:

  • what's not working in your relationship, and also
  • what is working.

In other words, scanning for strengths to build upon is just as important as identifying problem areas. The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy has a very positive orientation. It helps couples find the positive points of connection that get buried under distress or conflict. There’s often so much love beneath everything else — and also so much more to discover about one another.  This tended to be ignored before John and Julie Gottman revolutionized relationship counselling.

Using the Gottman Method, Briony teaches couples about common destructive behaviours such as criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling in a way that they can readily understand.  She helps couples to catch their partner doing something positive and to tell them about it!  You can also learn how to catch yourself doing things that aren’t contributing to the kind of relationship you want. Once couples can see themselves engaging in those behaviours, they start to see their role in relationship difficulties more clearly.

In a recent interview with Radio Adelaide Briony introduces the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and how it is used.

Listen to Briony's Radio Adelaide Interview

Resources from the interview

John Gottman – Making Relationships Work – Youtube
The Gottman Institute –
Radio Adelaide –

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